"A trip at a slow pace, to enjoy every moment"



As a natural border between countries and regions, the Pyrenees fascinate for their contrast in each season of the year. Their summits are covered with a spectacular white mantle that invites to practise winter sports, giving way to the most fascinating contrasts of greens, ochres and golds, afterwards. 



Each valley that crosses the Pyrenees has its own personality. Its geography has allowed to preserve the authenticity of its own customs over the centuries, where the fauna and flora are of a unique beauty that never ceases to amaze as the journey progresses. 



The different cultures that coexist, Basque, Navarre, Aragonese and Catalan make the difference between the villages. However, stone, water, slow cooked, craftwork and tales are an essential part to discover and live. A slow walk through a unique history.

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